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I have a lot of ideas percolating through my mind and I am not certain I am able to have a specific well written response to these ideas at this time. Yet, I acknowledge that my teaching and personal life are a bit tumultuous and I must commit to getting some of these ideas out in order to make sense of it all later.

So much change has happened in the past month, every one around me is a bit shell shocked. Usually I feel like I am the only one in a haze, but I seem to have a lot of company in my WTF cloud. I have to admit that in the beginning this blog was therapeutic in a way. I began it to find a way to release some of my experiences and let go of the baggage I was carrying around as a teacher in this system. However, very quickly I was scared. I was scared to let anyone know I was writing. I was scared to have anyone read this, and even worse, figure out it is me. I needed to write about some of the things I experience in my travels through Education, but immediately knew it was dangerous.

Dangerous for many reasons. First of all, I want to share stories of my insane day, yet I want to protect the privacy of my students. I don’t want to disrespect them, but it is so necessary for teachers to have a venting outlet of what we experience. Because honestly, no one else gets it. I want to make sense of the pedagogy, administrative choices or lack of both. I want to reflect on my own practice in a safe and productive manner. I want to reflect on the choices of others and my take away from their ideas without publicly “outing” my colleagues. I want to laugh. I want to be angry. I want to be a part of the change we need and support what is working. I also want to shout out the atrocities I see and eradicate them from my children’s path.

Unfortunately the daunting task of facing the dangers above in a respectful and private manner have left me sitting here, not writing. SO, I think it is time I push myself a wee bit out of the old comfort zone again and get to task. I have decided I am going to write more worry less. I am going to get active in whatever way possible each day. For I come from a place of love, respect and dedication to my students and those that feel the same. How can that be wrong?!

Onward. Shall we?