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Hulk came into my classroom earlier this week. He seemed troubled, a little wound up and frantic. I tried to get him to focus, to prepare himself for the day ahead. He was spiraling verbally – he was making strange jumps in train of thought.

He told us that he can’t get any sleep. He has 280 nieces and nephews staying at his house ( his small NYC apartment). I knew this was a bit crazy because on Friday he claimed there was 240. I was skeptical that there was procreation that occurred resulting in 40 more children all living under this roof. Hulk went on to tell us that he got upsetting news this weekend – he is adopted.

I knew this was heavy news for him – real or delusional – heavy news. I rang a social worker to come visit with him but she was busy. Hulk proceeded to tell us that he has known for a long time but they finally told him. They told him who his real father is. We tried to tred lightly on this episode. Honestly, Hulk is unpredictable and well he has the body of a wrestler. As my students say he is brawlic. He is his real name is Benoit. ANother student in the class tried to let me know that I should call for some help. Apparently my VERY dark skinned student is convinced he is the long lost child of the WHITE wrestler Chris Benoit that killed himself and his children in 2007. This is disturbing on so many levels.

While attempting again to get his counselor to come to the room and speak with him, Hulk began to reveal that there are Unicorns. Yes, he believes that unicorns exist and live in Africa. He began to describe them – I think he was thinking of something like an Okapi but Hulk is convinced there are unicorns alive and well in Africa. He claims they have special powers. They chew gum that helps your brain. He went into amazing detail and discovery.

Before he left the room with his counselor, he made sure to tell us that he can’t wear tank tops anymore because he breaks them. Without trying, they split and tear off of him. I think he thinks he is the next incredible Hulk.